We provide the above training service and are registered as an ABET provider with the Independent Examinations Board. Currently, a client qualifies for skills levy grants of up to 50% of the skills development levies they pay over to the SETA, if they meet certain criteria. If you provide ABET to your employees, you could qualify for a further discretionary grant from your Specific SETA, which could result in a return of more than 50 % of the skills development levies:

More specifically, we focus on:

  • Assessment of current literacy and numeracy level is performed on staff to determine their current level of competence. This determines the Number and size of ABET classes.

  • Supply of all necessary workbooks and stationery.

  • Facilitating of ABET classes as determined and agreed upon with the client, our facilitators have all been trained by accredited training institutions such as UNISA.

The procedure would be for us to do a detailed presentation to the client on ABET, then we would agree on assessing the employees. Once the employees have been assessed, a full and detailed proposal with a detailed costing schedule will be presented for approval and implementation.

We have recently developed and are presently facilitating a Business Skills Programme for a large Multi National Company, as well as a Life Skills Programme for a well known local Company in the Media and Printing industry.

For more info e-mail us at info@dvlassociates.co.za

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