Monthly Retainer Service

Retainer fee basis for a fixed period of time: the advantages of a retainer is that the services are agreed on up front with the client and there is a 24-hour access period, as well as immediate and preferential service delivery. This service is based on a fixed number of hours every month. If you use more hours than agreed upon, then the excess is charged at a lower hourly rate than would have been the case had you been an ad hoc client. A preferential traveling fee is payable where travel is involved between our office and the client’s

Adhoc Service

On an Adhoc basis, the service is provided as and when it is required at an hourly rate plus travel. The hourly rate is fixed with the client and payable on delivery of the service required. The fee includes work done by any of the Practitioners, but should services be required outside our field, then the rate will be agreed on with the client at the time with the service provider who offers the specific service.